Elevating the Security and Operational Efficiency of Safeguards  


In its collaboration with IRS Safeguards, Sky Solutions aims to enhance security and operational efficiency, focusing on compliance with industry standards and regulations. The partnership involves assessing system configurations, interviewing users, and reviewing artifacts against benchmarks such as CIS, NIST, and IRS guidelines. Sky Solutions oversees the maintenance of mainframes, operating systems, applications, and databases, providing comprehensive support for information submissions and responses in alignment with Publication 1075. The project extends to Safeguards methodology updates, emphasizing timely rollout, effective change control, risk management, and cost reduction. 

Context and Challenge 

Safeguards faced challenges in maintaining compliance with industry standards and regulations. Sky Solutions stepped in to optimize the risk-based review process, identify areas for improvement, and implement enhancements. The project required a holistic approach, including risk model maintenance, IT guidance, and knowledge transfer to bolster cybersecurity measures. 

Our Approach 

Collaborating closely with agency stakeholders, Sky Solutions adopted a multifaceted approach. This involved risk model maintenance support to optimize the Safeguards risk-based review selection process, generating a Risk Dashboard for timely identification and communication of findings, risks, ranking, and remediation data. Additionally, a focus on outreach strategy and communication planning aimed to streamline outreach, improve customer service, and enhance overall efficiency. 

Technical Challenges Overcome 

Addressing technical challenges, Sky Solutions focused on optimizing the risk-based review process, providing cybersecurity expertise, and supporting the development of a Risk Dashboard. The project required meticulous planning to ensure timely communication and identification of resources for review planning. 

Advantages of the Digital Experience 

The partnership with Sky Solutions has yielded several advantages. The risk-based review process has been optimized, leading to timely identification and communication of findings. The Risk Dashboard facilitates informed decision-making, and the outreach strategy has improved customer service and overall efficiency. 


We successfully achieved the efficient reduction of costs and minimization of risks to federal tax information (FTI) in the possession of agency partners. The Risk Dashboard has proven to be a game-changer, providing real-time insights for decision-making. Sky Solutions’ collaborative approach has established a strategic brand for Safeguards, promoting the program internally and externally. 


Sky Solutions’ collaboration with Safeguards stands as a testament to its commitment to enhancing security, compliance, and effectiveness. The implemented strategies and technological advancements set a precedent for similar programs. As technology evolves, Sky Solutions remains dedicated to ongoing enhancements, ensuring Safeguards’ continued success in its mission. 

About Sky Solutions

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