AI and ML

Enhancing User Experience and Enabling Digital Transformation

Integrating Leading-Edge AI Technologies with Intelligent Automation and Human Centered Design

Sky Solutions excels in enterprise-scale Intelligent Automation using leading low-code platforms. Our unique expertise spans Digital Process Automation and Human-Centered Design for optimized user experiences. Expanding into AI, we integrate Conversational AI, like ChatGPT™, for human-like interactions and Actionable AI, enabling seamless task completion within applications.

Core Capabilities

Large language models (LLM) have revolutionized the capabilities of computers in understanding and processing natural language commands. AI-powered systems are now capable of understanding and responding to user prompts written in continuous prose. And they are becoming better at maintaining consistency during long user interactions.

The enormous success of LLMs such as ChatGPT™ and GPT-4 is a prelude to how human-computer interaction will soon be completely transformed. Sky Solutions is leveraging our partnership with Alan AI, a Silicon Valley-based software company, and Microsoft to bring Conversational AI capabilities to the federal market.

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For deployment of new AI capabilities within an enterprise, organizations need robust and reliable technology that can use their proprietary knowledge sources and internal databases, and integrate with their business processes, to help streamline and automate various business operations.

These are the goals of “Actionable AI” and a new generation of AI assistants that not only understand language but also assist users in taking actions using the software. Sky is leveraging its traditional strength in Intelligent Automation and its exclusive partnership with Alan AI, a Silicon Valley based software company, to bring Actionable AI solutions to the federal market.

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Process AI is the integration of AI capabilities with business process management (BPM) and robotic process automation (RPA) to create an end-to-end automation solution. It can be applied to a wide range of business processes in the areas of customer service, human resources, finance, supply chain management, and a variety of mission-critical operations.

Sky Solutions is combining its depth of experience in delivering digital process automation solutions with the AI capabilities provided by its software partners offering low-code development platforms to deliver Process AI solutions to the federal market.

Pega Process AI
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Our Solutions

Conversational AI Interface

Sky Solutions can deliver Conversational AI interfaces integrated with existing enterprise applications. These interfaces provide users with an alternate way of interacting with applications that is more human-like. On a mobile device, the Conversational AI interface can support voice-based interactions with applications, enabling the user to operate the application in a hands-free mode.

Actionable AI Assistant

An Actionable AI Assistant can help users in several ways, such as finding information that is specific to them and then taking actions relating to this information. For example, consider a web portal provided by a health insurance provider that allows users to track their health status and medical records. Given the complexity of the information on the portal, navigating it can become tedious and frustrating for users.

An Actionable AI Assistant™ would enable users to search through their medical records and then take specific actions such as sending an email to their doctor or scheduling an appointment with a physician to follow up on a medical exam. Sky Solutions is looking to develop and deploy Actionable AI Assistants to federal government agencies to support a variety of needs.

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Process AI Integration

Critical to optimizing business processes is the ability to leverage the end-user context to tailor individual user experiences and to automate processes wherever possible to minimize the need for labor-intensive human involvement. Sky Solutions aims to achieve this by integrating the Process AI capabilities provided its software partners with existing business applications to enhance user experience and increase efficiency.

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