Staff Augmentation Activities in 2022

What WE do is always unique. ​
How WE do it is transformational. ​

What makes Sky different than its competition is its people. With a culture that’s built on Accountability, Collaboration, Empathy, and Self-Awareness, we’re able to deliver a creative, honest view on how to approach the business and help our clients achieve digital success.​


Sky Solutions, LLC is a Digital Transformation Consulting Firm headquartered in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. We help leading Financial Services, Healthcare Organizations, and Federal Agencies achieve breakthrough business outcomes through Digital Process Automation (DPA) and Staff Augmentation.​


Sky Solutions provides personalized strategic staffing services that extend well beyond typical staff augmentation. We deliver highly skilled IT professionals to meet our customer mission-critical objectives using a proven, structured approach.​


We are a leader in the field of staffing solutions. At Sky Solutions we connect talented technology professionals with elite organizations like yours. As a staffing partner, we leverage our dedicated recruitment specialists to find the top talent that perfectly matches your requirements. ​

We focus on improving your operational efficiency by providing end to end IT staffing solutions complementing your HR team. ​

Sky Solutions brings a diverse IT talent pool with deep industry domain expertise for Telecom, Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance and many more. Our technologies focus include Java, .NET, Python, C++, AWS, Azure, UI/UX, Pega, ServiceNow, Appian, etc. ​


We strongly believe people are a critical ingredient to the success of a company and it’s clients . We Invest in team’s learning and development and their careers. Further, we enable our teams with best in class technology tools, job boards and premium access to social media platforms. ​

At Sky Solutions we take great pride in sourcing high quality tech talent at the right price in a timely and efficient manner. ​

We solemnly attribute our remarkable success to three traits: Transparency, Agility and Quality.


We credit our success to partners & clients who have trusted us with their critical staffing needs. We are delighted to share that we have significantly exceeded our goals for the year considering all SLA parameters for every customer we are associated with. ​

With our continued and unique approach to hire top tech professionals, we have helped our customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and also yield exceptional results year on year by focusing on their core operations. ​


In addition to conventional approach of job boards, we employ a mix of sourcing techniques to identify profiles that are not in Job market such as content marketing, professional networking groups and blog posts, alumni networks, referral programs, ​

Our tech savvy recruiters actively participate relevant industry groups and engage with potential talent continuously ​


After yet another successful year, Sky Solutions looks up for another challenging year as we plan to expand our partnerships to more corporations from small to large with the primary goal of helping them save on recruitment and yield better results through top quality professionals sourced through sky solutions. We look forward to serving our partners with more agility and prowess. ​

Sky Solutions are committed to deliver our best services to small and large scale corporations with their tech talent search. ​