Sky Summit

A Human Centered Design Agency within Sky Solutions

User Focused Capabilities

The Sky Summit Agency Team are user advocates with the end goal of pointing your project or program toward Digital First objectives. Regardless if you are building from a low code platform or full-stack, meet with us and explore how we can align with your user and future forward technology.

User Experience (UX) Strategy

Our UX Strategists focus on tailoring your user-centered approach to your specific business objectives, incorporating UX workshops, in-project collaboration, and comprehensive program advisement.

User Interface (UI) Technical Design

Platform or not, we are familiar with modern UI design approaches and have worked from every technical capacity from Center of Excellence (COE) to embedded SCRUM team resources supporting the technical UI lift.

User Analytics

User analytics in the form of UX activities, tools, and resources are foundational in guiding future design directions and discovering new methods to create business value from the program or application.


Our unique perspective on inclusive design from both the program and project level on accessibility planning, testing, and remediation adapts to your program’s specific need.

Our Approach is Unique

Every client is unique, so the approach cannot be boilerplate. Our team has a diverse set of skillsets and are comprised of thought leaders not only in the area of strategy, but technical innovation as well.

Enhancing Existing Agile Best Practice

Agile or not, our team can adapt to your approach or come to the table with our methodology utilizing Agile SAFe © incorporating enhanced UX activities such as:

  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • User Research
  • Journey Maps
  • And More…

Platform Expertise

Applying user-centric principles to application design in a platform ecosystem requires knowledge of how to play to the strengths of the platform while achieving the best design for:

  • Pega
  • ServiceNow
  • Appian

Tailored Engagement Options

A full commitment to the user’s best interests means fitting user-centered activities in regardless of the engagement style. The Sky Summit Team is ready to advise your program or project at any step or length of time.

Center of Excellence

The Summit Agency Team has extensive experience with program level leadership across large scale digital transformations and strives to be thought leaders and user advocates.

Project Collaboration

Our UX Strategists, UI Technical Designers can join your project team to inform and reinforce your product vision.

Ongoing Consulting

The User Experience is not limited to a single project or a single project timeline. Human Centered Experiences are also not limited to one discipline. We can support multiple areas of UX and technical design ongoing to your team.

We are Sky Summit

Our team prioritize equity and empathy in the design of systems and technology. Reach out to see how can we solve your problems.

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