Leadership - Low Code Product Innovation

Abhi Porwal

I am excited to join Sky Solutions to lead the Low Code Product Innovation division. Through Sky Labs – our innovation hub, we will get an opportunity to show our clients the art of the possible and guide them in their digital-first journey. Client success is what my team at Sky strives for by injecting thought leadership in any endeavor and building speed to market innovative solutions.

Fun facts

1. I love dogs! Growing up, I had 13 dogs at home at one point. Right now, we have an 8-month-old puppy who is basically the boss of the household.

2. I love to travel – I have visited 26 countries till date and also write a travel blog. Really hoping to hit 50 by the time I turn 50!

3. I started a charity at the peak of COVID-19 in April 2020, AnnaPurna AnnaDaan (www.facebook.com/AnnaPurnaAnnaDaan) and try my best to give back to the community. This charity will continue to give back at least for the upcoming 10 years to people in need

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