Remote Workforce Transition during a Time of COVID-19

For many of us, COVID-19 has led to many changes in our lives. From spending more time with our spouse and children, less time with our loves ones we are used to seeing on a frequent basis, unable to attend sporting events we are used to attending and spending a lot more time virtually with our co-workers and customers. For some, transition from going to the office daily to working at home has been a difficult transition. Lack of physical interactions, exhaustion from constant Zoom, Teams or Skype meetings all day, or finding yourself distracted with “life” when you should be focused on work.  

In this blog, we will be focusing on ways to help drive responsiveness in a remote work environment. Finding new, creative ways to make it easier to not let yourself become distracted by the day-to-day “remoteness” and make this as functional as if you were in the office. We also will touch on ways ServiceNow is making it possible to help ease the remote frustration and also allow others to return back to work by using applications to ensure contact tracing is done, assessments are taken, and employees are where they need to be when organizations begin returning to the workplace.  

How can we break the monotony of working remotely day to day until it is time to return to work?  

  1. Be Present – There will be times when distractions arise, you will have a lot of conference calls, video calls, and you need to commit yourself to these. The more engaged, the better. 
  1. Conform to Your Space – Make your workspace a place where you can focus. A place like where you feel like you are at the office with a similar setup.  
  1. Have fun! Work closely with your teammates. Make them feel engaged. Have Happy Hours, Team Meetings or meet regularly to make sure everyone is doing well, and nobody is feeling neglected or needs anything.  
  1. Take Breaks. Just as if you are in the office, get up from your chair and walk around periodically I know it may seem like you need to sit in front of your screen and work all day, but you need to keep a healthy mindset and keep your body fresh.  

As I said above, this is only temporary, and we will soon be slowly dispersing back to work and ServiceNow has released four apps which will help integrate all of us back into the workforce. There also is a contact tracing app available as well (a licensed app) which can be utilized to keep track who has been around each other in case someone contracts COVID-19.  

The applications which ServiceNow released for returning to work are as follows: 

Using the power of the Now Platform, ServiceNow pulls together all the data collected by these apps into a single view with its Safe Workplace Dashboard. The dashboard provides visualizations for data collected by these apps and will be overlaid with a map using aggregated public data on infection rates. This enables organizations to see what infections look like geographically and drill down into specific workplace locations. Sites are marked with indicators flagging a company’s ability to open and remain open based on workforce and workplace readiness. 

Lastly, ServiceNow recently introduced a licensed app called Contract Tracing which helps employers reduce workplace transmission of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, by identifying any on-site employees who might have been in contact with an affected employee. The employer receives updates about the number of reported cases or symptoms in the location. A list of potentially exposed employees is created from various data inputs, such as badge scans, Wi-Fi access logs, and daily contact logs. 

As you can see, ServiceNow is doing its part to help ensure the highest level of quality and safety in bringing employees back to the workplace and ensuring that once they are there, they are being proactive to ensure the workplace is safe.  

Sky Solutions also has the ability to help you get these implemented into your environment as well. From the four returning to work apps to the Contact Tracing App which we can enhance to meet the needs of your organization, we have the experience and the team to deliver it the way you need it to function without hindering any out of the box capabilities.  

I hope this article has been beneficial for you in helping identify ways in which working remotely can be easier and fun for those of us having trouble adapting and how ServiceNow is easing those of us migrating back to the workplace safely through the use of apps that are changing the face of the industry! We look forward to sharing more with you in the upcoming months and until then, stay safe! 

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